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Here’s Why This Is The Best Easy Makeup Brush Set for Beginners

Even easy makeup application can be confusing—we get it. That being said, learning how to achieve a natural-looking complexion shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right tools to perfect a look. The quality of your makeup tools is just as important as the quality of your products when it comes to easy makeup application and investing in a great set of basic brushes is essential to growing from a beginner to a makeup aficionado. Below, you’ll find five key reasons why our Pro On the Go 5 Piece Brush Set is the best easy makeup brush set for beginners.

They’re adorably mini. Small but mighty, this 5-piece makeup brush set rests perfectly in your hand and features short handles with full-sized bristles for a flawless, natural-looking complexion. The makeup brush set for beginners is custom-designed with unique acrylic ultra-mini handles that won’t get in the way when applying your makeup. Not only that, but since they are so small and weightless, they can fit easily into any makeup bag and won’t take up a ton of room (or weight), unlike other full-size makeup brushes—perfect for when you’re traveling or don’t want a ton of brushes crowding your vanity space. Even though they are small, it’s important to note that they will create the same looks with the precision that any longer-handled makeup brushes can create, too. When it comes to creating easy makeup looks that are effortless and long-lasting, size doesn’t matter.

Easy Makeup Brush Set for Beginners

Just enough pieces. Our 5-piece makeup brush set contains just enough brushes to achieve any easy to do makeup look you can imagine. You really don’t need a million makeup brushes to create a makeup look that “wows.”

  • The Buffer Brush is a full dome-shaped brush that will flawlessly buff your complexion to perfection for a polished look—you can use this brush with bronzing powder, loose powder, skincare products, contour blending, and more.
  • The Foundation Brush is designed to create a smooth, flawless, air-brushed finish and features tight yet fluffy bristles for a soft, natural blend of color, sans streaking. This brush features bristles that aren’t as tightly packed as some of the other, larger brushes, making it an ideal brush for anyone who likes a more natural-looking, lighter coverage of makeup. You can use this brush with a loose powder foundation, highlighter, or blush.
  • The Cheek Brush includes short and dense fibers for perfect blending and contouring of blush products. It provides a soft, diffused look while fusing color onto the skin for a polished, luminous complexion. You can also use this brush with liquid of stick foundation or for contouring.
  • The Concealer Brush is a flexible, fluffy yet tight brush with a slightly pointed tip for precise, easy makeup application—ideal for air brushed-like blending of multi-use concealer formulas and other emollient products. You can also use this brush with powder eye shadow, a highlighter, or a more detailed contour.
  • The Lip Brush. Ultra-firm with a tapered tip, this compact lip brush helps define the contours of the lips and fills them in quickly and with precision. If you’d prefer heavier coverage for your concealer, you can use this brush with any cream or liquid formula to hide imperfections more thoroughly. You can also use this brush to spot conceal or with a powder or cream eye shadow.

The quality is unmatched. One swipe of these faux-mink bristles against your skin and you won’t believe that they aren’t made with real hair. 100% synthetic and cruelty-free, our 5-piece makeup brush set incorporates the latest innovations in technology for superior performance and an easy makeup application every single time. Whether you’re applying our Sunset Light Primer, Sunset Skin Foundation, Complexion Fix Concealer, or our Lip and Cheek Palette, the high-quality of our 5-piece makeup brush set will last through endless makeup applications and help you achieve your quick makeup looks for everyday effortlessly. Plus, because the bristles are such high-quality, many of these brushes can be used with a variety of formulas, whether it be cream, liquid, or powder. 

They don’t shed. When Sébastien Tardif, founder of Veil Cosmetics, set out to create these brushes, he wanted to make sure that they never shed—he hates when he has to pick the loose hair off of a client’s face with his fingers or a tool after makeup application when using other makeup brushes. You won’t find loose hairs with the 5-piece makeup brush set. When Tardif designed the set, he made sure to have a tightened, beveled aspect to the ferrule (which is the gold part of each brush that holds the bristles together). This helps the brush to hold onto the hair with a tighter grip—meaning no shedding, even after washing the makeup brushes. Essentially, the brushes remain soft, smooth, and pliable without falling off the ferrule.

They are super easy to clean. Unlike makeup sponges or oddly shaped brushes, these mini brushes don’t take much effort to get a thorough clean. First, you’ll need a regular shampoo or some sort of mild dish detergent. Then, fill a bowl with warm water and bathe the brush tip into the water. After that, use a dime size worth of shampoo and twirl the hair in the palm of your hand until it all foams up and the makeup loses its grip on the hair. Gently rinse off with warm water again (under the faucet) and squeeze the tip—if you notice that the water coming out of the bristles isn't totally clear, repeat the process. Remember to never pull on the hair, always squeeze the hair tip gently, and then lay them down flat on a dish towel to dry.

For the larger brushes, it will take about seven hours or overnight for them to fully dry, and a shorter period of time for the smaller brushes. Another important aspect when washing your brushes is the water temperature—using cold water won’t clean your brushes properly, and using scalding hot water could ruin the glue that’s holding the bristles in place, further damaging your brushes. Make sure you always use warm water when cleaning your brushes.

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