Here's Everything You Need To Know About Concealers

Choosing the proper concealer tone is just as important as choosing your foundation shade. Knowledge of tones and undertones is required to produce the ideal makeup effect. The appropriate concealer can be difficult to choose, but once you've discovered your shade, it can easily cover up just about everything. 


The concealer would prove to be the most valuable product in your makeup bag. Since the beauty market has to offer a wide variety of concealers, you need to know about your options, check out complexion fix concealers in the market that offers all-in-one convenience of color-corrector, and highlighter to cover up your imperfections.  If trial and error have been too much for you, here is the right way to choose the right concealer for your skin. 

Choosing concealer as per your skin tone

When it comes to concealer, even if it’s not very different from a foundation, the consistency and the texture can vary. It can give the user matte, demi-matte, dewy or semi-dewy finishes and offer powder, wax, liquid, or creamy textures. Rather than using a heavier texture, it’s more useful to find higher-pigmented formulas with a lighter consistency than foundation. So it can ideally hide dark circles, age spots, and blemishes well for longer hours. When you don't assess your skin tone correctly, it can make your dark circles or fine lines more prominent. 

Finding the right shade is essential for choosing concealer. Sometimes you don't need to own any foundation and still, you can go for your skin tone-matching concealer. Make sure the concealer you choose is suitable for your skin type. It is best to test the concealer where you intend to apply it to see if it successfully conceal your face imperfections without causing any irritation. Another aspect that influences your concealer choice would be its  purpose; under eye concealing, spot concealing on face, as a corrector or as highlighter.

Choose a shade that matches your skin tone when you get a concealer to cover acne scars or redness. You should choose a similar shade of concealer matching your complexion if you want the perfect under-eye concealer to cover your dark circles. But if your dark circles are rather extreme, you can use a color-correcting concealer (a peachy/pinky darker pigment that cancels out darker pigment) followed by a highlighter shade to brighten up the skin tone. 

Type of concealer

Concealers come in various formulations, and you can choose them per your preference. 

  • Liquid Concealer 

These concealers suit every skin type and can provide sheer, light, medium to full coverage. They are easy to apply and conceal acne perfectly without caking up. 

  • Cream Concealer 

Cream concealers usually work for normal and dry skin types, but they are oily in texture. It is the finest option for covering severe discolorations such as birthmarks or melasma, providing full coverage. These heavier formulations however are not ideal for mature skin types as they tend to emphasize fine lines and tend to shift around throughout the day.

  • Stick Concealer 

Apart from oily, stick concealer can work for all skin types. Stick concealer offers full to medium coverage depending on the application technique.

Whether to use foundation or concealer first

This answer largely depends on which kind of foundation you are using. If you have a powder foundation, use the concealer first. It might be a good idea to begin your makeup with concealer application as most people have the tendency for adding foundation under their eyes followed by more concealer. This results in heaviness and unwanted creases. 

Once you have mastered choosing the right concealer, there will be endless possibilities for using concealer in your makeup. The only thing you have to do is understand your skin type along with your skin tone and the undertone. All the shades present in the market can make the concealer-picking task quite difficult. Now that you have discovered crucial information on choosing the right concealer, let’s hope that next time you find yourself in-store or online, your quest turns out to be successful. 

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