How to Quickly Spot Correct for Your Next Zoom Meeting

The global pandemic this past year has changed so many things in our day-to-day lives, including how we work and meet with colleagues. Video conference calls are the new normal and prepping your makeup for the camera isn’t the same as needing to apply a full face of makeup for an in-person meeting.

Whether you’ve been gearing up for a big Zoom meeting all week or are just jumping out of bed to meet with your boss on-camera in your PJs, below you’ll find the best tips to spot correct quickly, so you can put your best face forward, every time.

tips to spot correct quickly

How to find the perfect concealer shade

First off, you need to find a concealer shade that matches perfectly with your skin to be able to hide any imperfections before your meeting. The best way to do this is to first know what color the undertone of your skin is—is it pink, yellow, or neutral (which means you’ll have a bit of both pink and yellow, which is the most common). “Take a selfie in natural daylight (not in direct sunlight), making sure that your neck and a bit of your décolleté is exposed,” suggests Sébastien Tardif, an internationally-acclaimed makeup artist and founder of Veil Cosmetics. “You can always spot the predominant undertone on the neck and chest.”

After you’ve figured out which is your undertone, you want to find a shade that will best match your skin tone and undertone—the names on the Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix Concealer can help, with shades like “1P Pink Undertone,” “2G Gold Undertone,” and “5N Neutral Undertone,” to name a few.

Tardif recommends testing the shade on the specific skin concern that you’re trying to hide. “If you want to use it under your eyes, just test the concealer right under the eyes, and if it's for mostly blemishes, test on blemishes,” he says. “That's really the best way to find if you have the right shade of concealer.”

How to spot correct with concealer

Once you’ve found the right shade, it’s time to get to work spot correcting. Whether you’re covering a blemish, redness, fatigue around the eyes, dull-looking skin, rosacea, or ruddiness, a concealer can help you quickly hide any imperfections before your meeting. Apply the concealer to the areas of concern and use either your finger or the Veil Cosmetics Concealer Brush to blend the product into the skin. Feel free to apply another layer or two if you feel like you need more coverage.

What’s great about video conference calls is that, because the cameras aren’t very clear and it might be difficult to see someone’s face with bad lighting, you don’t need to apply a full face of primer, foundation, concealer, or setting powder—all you need is a concealer to hide what you want to cover from the camera.

This philosophy matches well with Veil Cosmetics’ brand philosophy. “Since the inception of my brand, I always refer to ‘the magic’ result of having the right shade of concealer to spot conceal areas of concern and leave good skin untouched as ‘The Veil’—nothing glows and looks as fresh as naturally hydrated, even skin,” explains Tardif. “The ultimate shortcut is to use an oil-free liquid concealer that is self-setting, so you can skip powder application as it will stay in place and offer a satin finish.”

Other tips for how to look good on Zoom

While bad lighting might help your viewer see things less clearly, it honestly doesn’t do many favors for your complexion. “An important part of a Zoom meeting is to have great lighting,” explains Tardif. “Use a ring light or a couple of lamps in front of you (at eye level), or even better, face a window.” With more light on your face, you might actually need a lot less makeup, as you will appear fresher and brighter, and the light could wash out any imperfections you might have on your skin.

Whatever you do, avoid overhead lighting at all costs— this will create shadows under the eyes, emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, and make just about anyone look tired. “When you have a light source pointed at you, it can cause you to look a bit shiny, but that’s when you pull out Automatte mattifying balm, as it will help smooth out pores and also take the shine away instantly,” explains Tardif. “The product is imperceptible, ideal for all skin tones, and is great for both men and women—it’s the best-kept beauty secret in Hollywood.”

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