Reasons Why You Should Use A Primer

To have a flawless makeup appearance, preparing your face before applying any cosmetics is crucial. It's similar to laying out a canvas. You need a nice base because you don't want your makeup to settle in your facial wrinkles, finelines, or pores. Today, the beauty industry places the greatest importance on using a face primer before applying a foundation. 

Why You Should Use A Primer

You might think the primer may be an overrated product, but without a makeup primer, you would not be able to create a smooth base for the foundation. While using a moisturizer can help soften your skin, it is the primer that works on filling in the pores to absorb excess oil and even out the skin texture. If you are still unconvinced about using a good primer, let's discuss some major reasons below to understand the importance of primer application.  

  • No more greasy makeup glow
  • Do you have oily skin? It must be irritating to have a greasy glow of the makeup ever so often. But you would not face such an issue if you prepared your complexion with a primer. A good quality makeup primer is lightweight in texture and probably water resistant. So you can expect a smooth matte texture on your face. Most of the primers in the market are silicone based and cannot deliver high quality skin care benefits. However, water-based formulas composed of serum-strength actives can sooth, brighten and hydrate the complexion beyond the usual skin smoothing and makeup longevity expected from a primer. It would give your makeup a luxurious weightless finish that delivers all day long. 

  • Conceal the skin flaws
  • Skin flaws? You might think your skin is not perfect for makeup. But there is a remedy to get spotless, flawless skin for a dreamy makeup look. It uses a primer to conceal the skin flaws and get you that smooth skin base by reducing pore size. Furthermore, a primer can have some radiant infusing properties which can brighten the skin tone, blurring out skin flaws. Such glow inducing primers can create flashback causing a whitish glow that is different from the original skin tone.  

  • Get the picture-perfect makeup look.
  • If you have dull and lifeless skin, no amount of makeup product can glow your face. A good makeup primer can help you achieve instant smoothness and radiance. Just apply it over your moisturizer or SPF if you wear one , and you are good to go. 

  • Settle the foundation without creases 
  • Dealing with creased foundations is an absolute nightmare for any makeup enthusiast. It is unattractive when foundation creases and fine lines on the skin are fully on display causing an aging appearance of the skin. You can avoid this by avoiding full coverage foundations and also using a primer before you begin your makeup, leaving you with a complexion that is precisely even toned. Primers can effectively remove the tiredness and aging appearance while minimizing pores and discoloration.

    Getting a long-lasting makeup look is not hard. Whether a creamy foundation or colorful eyeshadow, the makeup will last all day long when you put on a good primer base. Your other makeup products will glide oh-so-smoothly on your facial surface to produce a seamless blending. So what are you waiting for? Add that primer to your makeup kit and flaunt your flawless beauty. 

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