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Veil Cosmetics

Cloud-like, airy textures that softly blur imperfections without hiding what makes you, you.
It’s not makeup. It’s Veil!

If you’re looking for makeup to mask your face, we suggest you move right along. Here at Veil, we’re on a mission to get you loving your skin again, and that starts with our range of weightless, breathable complexion products. We’re not in the business of hiding your natural glow—we’d rather our products do the work to enhance it instead.

Veil Cosmetics was founded by long-time celebrity makeup artist Sébastien Tardif after hearing from his many high-profile clients their wish for makeup that elevated their complexion, not covered it up. Never one to disappoint, Tardif created the tool that took “natural-looking” to the next level—Veil Cosmetics’ first product, the Complexion Fix Concealer, became Tardif’s “magic wand” in his toolkit, quickly erasing redness, blemishes, eye fatigue, and dark spots instantly to achieve that highly-sought-after, lightly-veiled look. Tardif’s extensive experience as a pro makeup artist, coupled with his love of radiant, healthy-looking skin, inspired the rest of the Veil Cosmetics complexion line a few years later. At Veil, we’re obsessed with the no-makeup makeup look and know our line of vegan, cruelty-free, featherweight products will help you get there with minimal effort.

Stop masking your glow.
It’s time to
Veil Cosmetics!