These Are the Best Tips to Nail a No-Makeup Makeup Wedding Look

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable, most important days of your life, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to look our very best on such a special occasion (especially when all eyes are on you). Some brides love to rock a full, heavy layer of makeup for the big day, while others prefer a more natural, no-makeup makeup look. If you fall in the latter group and are wondering what products you need for a no-makeup makeup wedding look, read our best tips below featuring a no-animal-testing cosmetics line, Veil Cosmetics.

Veil Cosmetics

  1. Start your look with a solid, glowing base.

    You can’t have a beautiful, no-makeup makeup look without a healthy, clear complexion. Before the big day, it’s important to focus on a great skincare routine, so that your skin will look its healthiest on the day of the wedding. This means developing a skincare routine that’s ideal for your skin type, whether that be oily, acne-prone, dry, combination, mature, or sensitive. When shopping for skincare products, make sure each product is developed with your skin type in mind, so that you ensure maximum results on your wedding day. A great routine includes a cleanser, essence, serum, moisturizer, and SPF during the daytime.

    Another factor to consider is diet. What you eat can play into how your skin looks, and if you’ve spent a full week or two going heavy on the booze right before your wedding, your skin probably won’t look its brightest. About a month before your wedding, try to eat as clean as possible (meaning no processed foods, no sugar, and no gluten or dairy if you are sensitive to those food groups) and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, if you can. This will ensure your skin will look dewy, hydrated, flawless, and ready for a no-makeup makeup look come your wedding day.

  2. Mix a primer with a foundation to make it more lightweight.

    If you prefer a more lightweight base look, consider mixing the Sunset Light Primer Serum with the Sunset Skin Liquid Foundation for a dewier, more lightly veiled look. First, you need to apply your full skincare routine and let everything dry down. Then, add one pump of the primer to the back of your hand, and one pump of liquid foundation on top. Mix them together using the Dual-Ended Concealer and Foundation Brush. Apply the mixture to your entire face and let dry before applying anything else on top.

    If you want to forego foundation altogether and are wondering if primer can be used without makeup, the answer is yes! Primer can be used to add a dewy sheen to your skin and can be a great base if you’d rather not use a foundation but instead opt for a buildable concealer on your big day.

  3. Hide trouble spots with a buildable concealer.

    You really can’t nail a no-makeup makeup wedding look without our best-selling, buildable concealer, the Complexion Fix Concealer. Veil prides itself on being a no animal testing cosmetics brand, and we are proud of our multi-use, lightweight liquid concealer formula that’s vegan and cruelty-free.

    This buildable concealer is the perfect addition for that no-makeup makeup wedding because it hides any imperfections you need to conceal, especially if you are opting for a lightweight foundation and primer base. Our concealer comes in 15 shades and are based on your undertone, whether that be pink, neutral, or gold. Use this buildable concealer on any redness, blemishes, dark spots, or fatigue.

  4. Apply falsies for wide, gorgeous eyes.

    Yes, mascara can add dimension to your gorgeous eyes, but considering it’s your big day, why not go one step further and use false lashes? To keep things looking natural, and to stay true to the no-makeup makeup look, opt for falsies that include the word “natural” in their product name or even better, use the individual falsies instead of the long strips.

  5. Use brow gel instead of a pencil.

    In order to nail the no-makeup makeup look, you really want to look like you have, well, no makeup on! This includes your brows. Having heavy, filled in brows definitely won’t look natural, and it’s best to enhance your brows using something lighter. A tinted brow gel is a perfect addition to any no-makeup makeup wedding look, as it will enhance your brows without going overboard. The key to using a brow gel effectively is to make sure your brows are properly groomed before going in with the gel product.

  6. Add a small amount of highlighter.

    When it comes to highlighter, you don’t want to go overboard, especially when trying to achieve a no-makeup makeup wedding look. For a super subtle highlighter, opt for a buildable concealer, like the Complexion Fix Concealer, in one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply this on the top of your cheekbone and blend with your finger or a brush for a soft highlight.

  7. Opt for a cream blush and matching lip.

    It’s truly amazing the difference between a powder blush and matte lip versus a cream blush and lip product—cream-based products melt with the skin so beautifully, and will help you really create the most natural-looking no-makeup makeup wedding look. Our Velvet Lip & Cheek Palette features six beautiful shades to enhance any skin tone. To really achieve the no-makeup makeup look, we recommend using the same color on your lips and your cheeks for a barely-there flush of color that will go unnoticed.

  8. Use a mattifying balm throughout the event.

    Need things to stay in place for many hours at a time? Look no further than the Automatte Mattifying Balm, which will work wonders taking away excess shine throughout your wedding day. The balm can be applied using a sponge, a flat brush, or your fingers to prevent shine and oil build-up. Use it with or without makeup, and under or over your makeup look. This product will help smooth out fine lines and pores, creating a perfect finish for your beautiful no-makeup makeup wedding look.

    Perfecting the no makeup makeup wedding look is a breeze when you’re fully prepped for the big day. With Veil’s cruelty-free, vegan products on hand, you really can’t go wrong when mastering a gorgeous, subtle glow on such a special day.

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